Art and the Fandom

Within the Furry Fandom, as it was previously mentioned, you will find a big number of artists. Such said people usually are willing to sell their work either through commissioning (paying the artist for a customised work), or already made works (such as already-made fursonas or fursuits).

Graphic Artists

Within this section, you will find people who design and draw anthropomorphic characters. There could be either traditional artists (i.e. people who draw on paper), or digital artists (i.e. people who draw using graphic tabs). Depending on the artist’s style, you will be able to commission an infinite number of items. Among them, there are telegram stickers, refsheets (your fursona’s reference sheet), logos, badges (an identification card that you can wear representing your fursona in furmeets), illustrations, headshots, etc. If you are interested in just window shopping or actually commissioning art, we recommend taking a look at our graphic artists’ section.

Fursuit Makers

In short, a fursuit maker is someone whose job consists on creating a fursuit, even though some others also create customised cosplays (such as a Pokemon character). There exists a wide variety of fursuits, and you can get to know them below.

  • MiniPartial Fursuit: they tend to be more inexpensive and they include only a head, hand and feet paws, and a tail.
  • Partial Fursuit: normally, they include a head, hand and feet paws, arms, and a tail.
  • Full Fursuit: they include a full-body animal costume with the head, hands and feet paws, and a tail. There are two types of full fursuits.
    • Plantigrade: these types of fursuits are easier to make due to the fact that they keep the shape of a human leg.
    • Digitigrade: these types of fursuits intend to represent the shape of a real animal leg, which makes the overall fursuit more realistic.

Misc Makers

Normally, fursuit makers also create miscellaneous items for your fursuit. However, it is not always the case. Anyhow, you might be wondering what miscellaneous items/fursuit props are. They are basically any type of object such as stuffed animals, pillows, backpacks, etc. that you can carry with you. There is not a fixed definition, so that anyone can set their imaginations free and design any type of item that they please.

Source: Google Images

Cover Photo: Valen’s Art

Post Author: Pepe Gonzales