What types of events are there?


Meets are typically small events that are organised by a relatively small group of furries. Their number of attendees does not usually surpass 20 people, and they usually involve a random gathering or a simple rendezvous prior to a bigger event.


These events are similar to meets, with the sole difference that these are public events with a bigger number of attendees. They normally are independent events where activities and games are organised. In sum, they are big meetings where both friends and unknown people are drawn together.

FurMeet 15/12/2018 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Furry Conventions

Conventions imply a bigger event, where a date and time are previously fixed. As the name shows, they are a formal gathering, normally international, where all members of the Furry Fandom are invited to participate. They are reunions where you can spend a whole day or weekend. As in any other convention, you will be able to find a great variety of stands where goods and art furry related will be for sale. Apart from these attractions, you could also attend parties, group meals, and local sightseeing activities, among others.

Anthrocon – 2017


A furcamp is a trip usually organised by a reduced number of furries. Generally, people organising furcamps are commonly acquaintances/friends among themselves. Their main goal is to get away from nowadays world and unwind in nature, taking a hike and strengthening their friendship.

Cordoba FurCamp – 2018

Cover Photo by @Policho

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