I make animal illustrations, fantastic creatures, and humans. I also work on customised designs. I also work on designs Type of Work: Illustrations Badges Reference Sheets Icons Logos Gallery Social Media: DeviantArt: emipuchucha.deviantart.comFurAffinity: furaffinity.net/user/EmipuchuchaFurryNetwork: beta.furrynetwork.com/EmipuchuchaWeasyl: weasyl.com/~emipuchuchaFacebook: facebook.com/EmipuchuchaArt Instagram: instagram.com/EmipuchuchaTumblr: Emipuchucha.tumblr.com ArtStation: Emipuchucha.artstation.com Picarto: picarto.tv/Emipuchucha Telegram channel: t.me/EmipuchuchaArt Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/EmipuchuchaPatreon: Patreon.com/EmipuchuchaPayPal: PayPal.me/Emipuchucha Telegram: t.me/EmipuchuchaDiscord: Emipuchucha#3155 Furry […]


My main content encompasses furry digital illustrations. The style I’m used to working with is a mixture between toony and realistic, even though I’m open to trying to work with both. I also work with traditional illustrations in graphite pencils, even though I sometimes work with watercolour or combining graphite with chalk pastel. Type of […]