Furry Slang and Common Terms

In this section, we will show the most commonly used expressions in the fandom. AFK: acronym for “away from keyboard”. It’s used in chats to let others know you’re busy. Angel Dragon: it is a fictional species created by Ino89777. It combines a dragon and an angel, and it’s being gaining popularity in the fandom. […]

How can I meet local furries?

FurryMap FurryMap is a webpage in which any furry can sign in and share their location on the map. Who knows? You might make a new friend in your neighbourhood! Amino Amino is a big social network where most fandoms can be found. Since we are not the exception, you can find us there. This […]

What types of events are there?

Meets Meets are typically small events that are organised by a relatively small group of furries. Their number of attendees does not usually surpass 20 people, and they usually involve a random gathering or a simple rendezvous prior to a bigger event. FurMeets These events are similar to meets, with the sole difference that these […]

Art and the Fandom

Within the Furry Fandom, as it was previously mentioned, you will find a big number of artists. Such said people usually are willing to sell their work either through commissioning (paying the artist for a customised work), or already made works (such as already-made fursonas or fursuits). Graphic Artists Within this section, you will find […]

How do I join the Fandom?

If you have reached this section, it is likely to be because you are interested in joining this amazing world of fuzzy animals. Yet, in order for you to be a part of it, there are some details that you need to bear in mind before you step into this universe. Fursona As it was […]

What is the Furry Fandom?

It is possible to define the Furry Fandom as a “subculture” or a group of people who shows attraction towards the furry genre. This genre entails, basically, all types of anthropomorphic animal characters (animal with human features) who are conscious of their existence. Some of the so called anthropomorphic characteristics that these characters might have […]