How do I join the Fandom?

If you have reached this section, it is likely to be because you are interested in joining this amazing world of fuzzy animals. Yet, in order for you to be a part of it, there are some details that you need to bear in mind before you step into this universe.


As it was explained in “What is the Furry Fandom?” section, a fursona makes reference to an identity that it is assumed by a person. In sum, it is (or should be) a unique character that belong to a member of the fandom. The aforementioned “sona” (abbreviation for fursona) could be acquired either “adopting it” that is, purchasing it from an artist who was selling the designs, or making it yourself. Again, you can either commission an artist to help you create it, or you can draw it yourself.

Social Networking

Among the years, the Furry Fandom has spread around all platforms that you might already know. They are everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, Steam, Amino, Taringa, YouTube, WhatsApp, among others. That is why these sites are the perfect spaces for you to start making new friends. A simple search in Google should do for you to find them. However, there is the chance that these groups are not big enough to make it to the matches of the search. Therefore, we give you here a list of social networks containing the biggest groups in our country. There, you will be able to make new friends, but do not forget to be cautious, because there are always people with bad intentions.

Admission Requirements

This section is especially aimed at those who believe that it is paramount to have specific items to join. There are many people who believe that it is necessary to have a fursuit or fursona to be admitted as a furry. Contrary to that belief, none of the mentioned items are needed for you to join. Even if they are attractive features that represent you, the truth is everyone is accepted for who they are and not for what they have.


The Furry Fandom is somehow peculiar when it comes to talents. It is possible to hold that the fandom is supported by the myriad of contributions that its members submit daily. You will find a great variety of artists and people with big ideas. Among them there are event planners, graphic artists, audiovisual artists, and musicians. All these people contribute to the fandom and it is because of them that it still stands. Thus, if you are good at something, do not be afraid of sharing it. This is a place where you do not only teach, you can improve it and grow.


The last point we would like to tackle is generally a dear topic for many. Being part of the fandom is actually just a hobby. It might be that for some, the fandom means a part of their lives. Yet, there are others who just consider it as a freetime activity. Nonetheless, what it is very important to acknowledge is the fact that opening up about the furry fandom should not be something to be afraid of. After all, it is a hobby, just like doing sports, or learning a language. The best you can do is talk about the fandom as something normal, one of your likes. Remember, the more casual you talk about it, the more natural it will sound.

Post Author: Pepe Gonzales