Furry Slang and Common Terms

In this section, we will show the most commonly used expressions in the fandom.

  • AFK: acronym for “away from keyboard”. It’s used in chats to let others know you’re busy.
  • Angel Dragon: it is a fictional species created by Ino89777. It combines a dragon and an angel, and it’s being gaining popularity in the fandom.
  • Anthropomorphic: having human shapes/features.
  • Awoo: it replaces the word “howl”, and it is used to express enthusiasm and amusement.
  • Aww: it is an expression that expresses that something is cute.
  • Adopts: it refers to OCs (original characters), fursonas, or species that are in adoption.
  • Badge: it is an identification card that you can wear mainly during meets, conventions or any type of furry event. On this card you show your fursona and its name.
  • Commission: it can either be a drawing, a fursuit, or any work of art that represents the furry fandom. The main characteristic of a commission is that you pay to get it done.
  • Digitigrade: it refers to the action of only stepping using your toes and not the soles of your feet. It is a style of anatomy for the lower limbs (legs) of an anthropomorphic animal.
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee: it is an expression of excitement.
  • Species: within the furry fandom, it refers to the original and unique creation made by a furry artist. It is an animal with distinctive and unique characteristics.
  • Fursona: it makes reference to an identity which is assumed by a person. In sum, it is (or should be) a unique character that belongs to a member of the fandom.
  • Fursuit: it makes reference to a fursona body suit that is generally designed by its owner.
  • Fursuit maker: it refers to the person who designs and builds fursuits.
  • Fursuiting: the action of wearing your fursuit.
  • Furmeet: normally, they are independent events in which activities, games and meals are organised. It basically refers to an event where friends, acquaintances, and unknown people gather round.
  • Greymuzzle: it refers to an old member of the furry fandom. It is usually used to show respect.
  • Headshot: it is an image or a drawing of a fursona’s face.
  • Hybrid: it refers to a character that does not specifically belong to any particular species, but many.
  • Kemono: Japanese art genre or type of design which illustrates animals with anthropomorphic features and human-like expressions.
  • Kigurumi: Japanese word that refers either to a costume or pyjamas with an anthropomorphic animal design.
  • LMAO: acronym for Laughing My Ass Off.
  • Neofurries: it is a word that refers to new members of the furry fandom who do not know much about it.
  • Pack: it is a word that refers to a furry’s family or group of friends.
  • Pawsome: it is a play on words using “paw” and “awesome”, which is utilised to express that something is radical or incredible.
  • Pixelart: it is a drawing made only by colouring pixels.
  • Plantigrade: it is the opposite style of “digitigrade”. It means that this walking style implies using your feet soles to stand up. Therefore, the animal’s leg anatomy is closer to that of humans’.
  • Taur: it is a type of OC that exists in the fandom. It walks in four legs, but it still possesses anthropomorphic features.
  • Trade: it refers to the action of exchanging goods such as parts of a fursuit, adopts, art, among others.
  • NSFW: acronym for Not Safe For Work, which refers to mature content.
  • Sergal: it is a fictitious type of character that was created by members of the fandom.
  • SFW: acronym for Safe For Work. It is the opposite expression of NSFW.
  • NOTK: acronym for Now On The Keyboard. Opposite expression of AFK. It means that the person now is available to chat.
  • YCH: acronym for Your Character Here. It is a type of commission featuring an empty or blank character. If a person buys it, their fursona is placed in the blank character.

Cover photo “Furry Slang” by “Stormi the Folf”

Sources: Amino, Reddit, Google

Post Author: Pepe Gonzales